Auto-Renewal of Orders

What is Auto-Renewal

TM Technology's Auto-Renewal feature allows Customers / Sub-Resellers to let the system automatically Renew an Order prior to Expiry.


Automatic Renewal of Digital Certificates is not possible since a Certificate Signature Request (CSR) is required to completed the renewal process.

How Auto-Renewal Works(Anchor: process)

For those Orders that have the Auto-Renew setting enabled, Auto-Renewal will be attempted:

  • 7 days in advance, for Orders which have a tenure less than 3 months

  • 30 days in advance, for Orders which have a tenure greater than 3 months

The system will use the Customer's Available Balance to complete the Renewal process. Should the balance fall short at the time of attempting Auto-Renewal, the process will fail and the Customer will need to manually renew these Orders to avoid losing them.


An Order will be Auto-Renewed for a duration equivalent to the tenure for which the Order was purchased or last renewed.

Renewing an Order Manually 

Enabling / Disabling Auto-Renewal(Anchor: manage)

The Auto-Renewal setting can be managed for each Order from within the Customer / Reseller Control Panel.

Auto-Renewal setting can be turned ON / OFF for a particular Order from the Order Information view, using the ON / OFF toggle.

Additional Information

Locating the Order Information view:

For Resellers: See details

For Customers: See details

A Customer / Sub-Reseller can also turn Auto-Renewal ON for a particular Order while manually renewing it. If the Customer/Reseller turns Auto-Renewal ON, then the system will attempt to Auto-Renew that Order next renewal cycle onwards. Hence, the Customer/Reseller must complete the current process of manual renewal.


Email Notifications(Anchor: email)

Email notifications regarding Auto-Renewal are sent as below:

  • To Customers:

    • Advance notice about attempting Auto-Renewal for Orders that are about to expire (sent 3 days in advance of attempting Auto-Renewal)

    • Confirmation email when Customer's Advance Account has been successfully charged to renew the Order(s),


    • Failure notice, if Account Balance was found to be insufficient

    • Action completion email once the Renewal process completes


  • To Resellers:

    • Failure notice, when Auto-Renewal could not be completed for Customers' Orders


If Auto-Renewal fails, the system will include the Orders in the Renewal Reminder emails for manual renewal.

Why Auto-Renewal Could Fail(Anchor: failure)

Auto-Renewal may fail due to any of the following reasons:

  • Customer's Advance Account does not have sufficient balance to cover the total Renewal cost.


    While attempting Auto-Renewal for a set of Orders, if funds fall short, the system will NOT use the existing funds to renew only a few Orders . Hence, Auto-Renewal will fail for an entire set of Orders if the balance in the Account is insufficient.


    A Customer has 10 Single Domain Hosting Orders, of USD 10 each, expiring in the next 30 days.

    Total Cost of Renewal = USD 100.00

    Available Balance in Customer's Account = USD 50.00

    In this instance, Auto-Renewal for all 10 Orders will fail, as the Account does not have sufficient funds to cover the total cost of USD 100. The system will NOT use the available balance of USD 50.00 to renew 5 of the 10 hosting Orders.

  • The Order is Suspended.

  • The Order is Locked by TM Technology.

  • Auto-Renewal is not supported for a specific Product category.

  • The Order has a pending action associated with it, waiting to be processed.


Auto-Renewal is supported only using Paypal Express Checkout and payment gateway.