Using an Existing Acronis Account for a new VPS or Dedicated Server

Acronis Backup orders are provisioned based on the location of the server that you configure and associate it with. For ease of managing backups, we create only one Acronis account/order per customer per location.

So at a given time, a customer can have two backup orders at a time. However, this does not limit your ability to configure backups. If you have multiple servers under the same customer account in the same location you can definitely do so. 

To configure a backup with an existing Acronis backup order follow the steps mentioned below.  

Configure Backup for a new server with existing Acronis Backup order. 

  1. Login to your Control Panel, Search for the domain name of the server order wish to enable Acronis backup and go to the Order Information view.

  2. Click Server Backups by Acronis.

  3. Click Use this Acronis Backup.

    • The system will need access to the server to install the agent automatically, if you have configured any access restrictions the agent installation will fail and you might have to try the steps mentioned in the articles mentioned below depending on the OS of your server. 

      Acronis Agent Errors with Linux.

      Acronis Agent Errors with Windows.

  4. The system will automatically install the backup agent and you can then proceed with the backup configuration by clicking Access Acronis Panel